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    A visit to Calcutta can be the most memorable holiday you have. Perfect strangers strike up a conversation with the tourist in Calcutta about the previous day's match. Cab drivers ply the traveller on his first visit to Kolkata with innumerable tales. Shopkeepers dole out a rupee's worth of goods, and ten of advice. On buses, in trams, in the tea shop around the corner, complete strangers turn into comrades as they pore over the day's papers.
    As the day grows old, tourists pour in to admire the vestiges of the first love of the British Raj. They hold hands outside the Victoria Memorial, speak in hushed tones under the roof of the St Paul's Cathedral, stare wide-eyed at the wonders in the Indian Museum.
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  MBD Airport Hotel (formely the Airport Ashok)(5 star)
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  Peerless Inn
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