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Nightspots in Kolkata

Tantra, The Park Hotel, Nightspots in KolkataCalcutta's for party-goers who'd like to go home - or to their hotels - with a song on their minds, a spring in their steps, some money still in their wallets and small chance of a hangover. Kolkata's nightspots are a great place to unwind in, and chances are, once you've been to one of those, you'll think twice about bopping till daybreak in Mumbai or busting a nerve in the cacophony of Delhi's clubs.


The Park Hotel, 17, Park Street, Kolkata 700016

Beanbags rub shoulders with Rajasthani chic as Go-Go dancers add more color to the mélange of green and orange. Tantra, the latest addition to the party scene in Calcutta, has a large dance floor and is perfect for some wild partying. The Onyx Bar here offers a good selection of wine and beer, but the place to check out is the Bodhi Bar. The latter, however, is open only to members, so it helps to be well-connected!

Someplace Else

The Park Hotel, 17, Park Street, Kolkata 700016

Someplace Else is under the same roof as Tantra, but appeals to the more relaxed pub hopper. Here, you can wind down to some music, shake a leg without bumping against too many people and get your fill of contemporary cuisine. Someplace Else has been a part of the Calcutta party circuit for a while now - and many of the city's party-goers swear by it.


ITC Hotel Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Towers, 1 JBS Haldane Avenue, Opp Science City, Kolkata 700046

If you're looking for some old-world charm, Dublin is the place to head for. There's something about the Irish-Pub appeal of Dublin that warms the cockles of your heart - and it's definitely not just the great beer. Dublin doesn't offer much by way of raucous partying, but the dance floor here's as good a place as any to let down your hair in.

The Big Ben

The Big Ben, Kenilworth Best Western Hotel Kolkata, Nightspots in KolkataThe Kenilworth Best Western Hotel, 1-2, Little Russell Street, Kolkata 700071

It's as British as it gets, but there's no hint of the stiff upper lip about The Big Ben. This pub throws in an assortment of snack and some live music, and is more for the traveler who'd like to unwind after a long day in the city.

Sunset Bar

Lytton Hotel, 14, Sudder Street, Kolkata 700016

The ambience of the Sunset Bar is, like its name, very mellow. But don't get taken in by appearances - chances are, you'll find the best liqueurs and cocktails in Kolkata within the walls of this bar. The Sunset Bar is open well before and after sunset, and its cozy environs are the perfect place to relax in.