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Tourism Destinations around Kolkata

Tourism destinations around Kolkata

Tourism destinations around Kolkata will take you to religious shrines, rustic countryside, green parks and ancient buildings. The city of joy with its creative genes backed up by its rich cultural heritage is rightly called as the “intellectual capital” of India. It is believed that few of the remarkable mansions in the country are the colonial buildings that Kolkata has. Landmarks and popular tourist sites are numerous here. Therefore, it is suggested that you have sufficient time, so that you can explore them well on your journey.

Tourist attractions in Kolkata
An important landmark the city houses is the Victoria Memorial that was created in memory of Queen Victoria. Another eminent milestone that the city boasts of is the Howrah Bridge. Asia’s largest planetarium, Birla Planetarium resides in the city of joy. Further Vidyasagar Setu resting on the banks of River Hoogly is also a popular tourist site. If you are wondering what more to explore in this city, you can choose from the following sites.

Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens in Kolkata welcomes you to an stunning oasis of lush green plants and trees, and is accredited for its huge Banyan tree that is almost two centuries old.

This place has a close connection with the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. Debendranath, father of this great poet established an Ashram here that dates back to 1863 AD. After a span of 40 years, Rabindranath commenced an “open-air school” here that gradually evolved into Vishva Bharati, an international university. This university is a uniform blend of eastern and western cultures. Shantiniketan is situated at a distance of 211km away from Kolkata. You can travel by the regular busses that will lead you to the venue.

Tourism destinations around Kolkata also include Bishnupur that serves best for a one or two day trip. The major of attraction here are the terracotta temples. Items that you can shop from here are bell metal artifacts, rare ganijifa, Balucheri saris and intricately carved shells.

Dakshineshwar Temple
Dakshineshwar Temple is located towards the northern part of Kolkata and is attributed to Goddess Kali. It was Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the spiritual guide of Swami Vivekananda, who spent greater part of his life here. Belur Math is located close by is known as the headquarters of Ramkrishna Mission.

You can reach Krishnagar from Kolkata via the railway or road route. It is situated at a distance of 100kms. This town is situated on the banks of River Jalani and is well known for its clay and toy models. Two other places worth visiting here are the Roman Catholic Church and the Krishnanagar Palace.

Ganga Sagar
Tourism destinations around Kolkata also take you to places and sites that are culturally significant. To name one such place would be the Ganga Sagar. The place also has a religious significance and also provides a beach to its visitors. Located on the Sunderbans Island, visitors can soak in the charm of the pastoral greenery around along with the scenic views of the Ganges. You can reach the place via bus from Kolkata.